Surprising Reasons Puppuccinos Are Harmful To Your Dog

Are you a dog owner and also an avid coffee drinker? If so, you have likely seen people in the drive-thru with their dogs, waiting to get puppuccinos. But, are these tasty treats actually harmful to our dogs’ health? 

What are Puppuccinos? 

An espresso cup filled with whipped cream is referred to as a puppuccino or pup cup. This secret menu item has been the recent crazy amongst pet parents around the world. Who doesn’t like taking their dog on a trip to get coffee and giving them a little tasty treat?  You might be wondering, “Well, how much does a puppuccino cost?” The great thing about puppuccinos or pup cups is that most coffee shops offer them for free! This allows your furry friend to enjoy their very own delicious “coffee” beverage while you indulge in your daily caffeine. 

puppuccinos pup cup

Can dogs even have whipped cream? 

Whipped cream often contains preservatives to make it shelf-stable. The good thing is that these preservatives should not be anything that are necessarily toxic to dogs. 

Most domestic dogs are lactose intolerant, meaning that they should not consume large amounts of dairy or milk products as they contain lactose and will cause an adverse reaction within your dog. However, it doesn’t hurt for most dogs to indulge every so often. It would be best to provide your dog with a dairy alternative such as whipped cream made from coconut milk. 

If you notice that your dog has diarrhea or other worrisome symptoms, including vomiting or excessive gas after consumer a product with milk or dairy, it is best if you avoid giving your dog dairy completely. This includes offering your dog a puppuccino or a pup cup. 

puppuccinos pup cup

Is a Puppuccino bad for your dog? 

While there is nothing in whipped cream or puppuccinos that are outright bad for your dog, it doesn’t mean that whipped cream and other dairy products are necessarily good for your furry friend. The biggest risk for most dogs is consuming too much whipped cream and overdoing what their stomachs can handle. It is best to only offer your dog a small amount at first and see how he reacts in order to avoid unwanted stomach issues and a mess around your house. 

So, should you keep taking your dog on trips to your local coffee shop to get a puppuccino?  The short answer is yes! A puppuccino offered in moderation is fine for a healthy dog. It is best not to make this a habit as it may lead to negative health consequences down the road. Whipped cream is mainly comprised of fat from heavy cream, which causes the dog’s pancreas to have to work harder to produce insulin. Dogs that receive too much whipped cream on a regular basis may develop obesity or diabetes. 

If your dog has become used to going to the coffee shop to get a puppuccino, try substituting an alternative. Try offering your dog a healthier option such as carrots, blueberries, or celery instead of his usual sweet treats. 

If you are wondering if puppuccinos are okay for your dog to eat, you should consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to offer you advice related to your dog’s health, keeping your canine companion happy and healthy. 

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